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Liquid & Solid Digestate

The Anaerobic Digestion Proccess

Operational Overview


The process of anaerobic digestion provides a source of renewable energy, as the waste is broken down to produce bio gas (a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide).
The bio gas is used to generate electricity and heat to power on-site equipment with surplus electricity exported to the National Grid.
A further by-product of the process is bio-fertiliser (the digestate from the process), which is rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium and other elements required for healthy plant growth and fertile soil.
Bio-fertiliser from source segregated waste can be applied directly to agricultural land where it meets PAS 110 standard.

What We Do

White Land Solutions manages the removal and spreading of the digestate. Our Land Managers are responsible for sourcing agricultural land to spread on and secure storage sites for across the winter months. over our 20 years in the industry we were able to offer reassurance that we have the knowledge and competence to deliver the best service possible to the producers



Our FACTS qualified advisors are able to give technically sound advice on the correct application to best benefit the crops. We manage the whole operation from haulage to farms to producing the necessary documentation to keep farmers inline with regulations, giving producers and farmers peace of mind that the service we deliver is to the highest standard whilst working within the regulations.



  • Land Finding through our Extensive Land Bank

  • Compliance to Regulations & Good Practices

  • Accurate Record Keeping

  • Delivery & Spreading Service

  • Technically Competent Managers

Digestate in Process
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