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Organics, Agricultural land & Land Restoration Services


About Organics 

We cover the whole process

With over 30 years experience of working, both within the recycling industry and also alongside the UK agricultural sector, White Land Solutions Ltd are able to identify suitable outlets in many different areas for organic materials that arise from the recycling of various suitable waste streams.

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Digestate tractor.jpeg

About Digestate 

The anaerobic digestion process

Digestate, in the solid and liquid form, is by-product of the anaerobic digestion process. The organic by product is rich in many Nutrients and micro nutrients (including Nitrogen, Potash, Phosphate) and is used as a biofertiliser. This reduces the need for acquiring artificial based alternatives.


About Land Restoration

Returning the land in a given area to some degree of it's former state

Land Restoration is the process of returning the land in a given area to some degree of its former state, after some process has resulted in its damage. The aim of the restoration of an area is to enable the soil to support growth of natural vegetation which will prevent erosion and further increase the site’s bio-diversity. The soil at potential restoration sites characteristically have poor physical structure, poor water-holding capacity and are conceivably contaminated with a diverse range of potentially toxic elements.

Land Restoration field.jpeg

About Compost 

Compost for use in Agriculture & Horticulture

White Land Solutions offer the supply & spreading of PAS100 Compost & non certified Compost for use in Agriculture & Horticulture. The compost derives from the processing of green waste & food waste. The compost benefits with a slow release of the major nutrients required to maximise yields of crops or fruit. Compost contains slow release of major nutrients including Nitrogen, Phosphate and Sulphur. It contains readily available Potash and smaller but useful amounts of Magnesium, Calcium.


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